Challenges on the Teaching and Formation of Civil Protection: Train those who protect us!

Conclusions of the 1st Forum of Civil Protection and Disasters [ + ]

The Forum of Civil Protection and Disasters is organized by ISEC - nstituto Superior de Educação e Ciências and by CEIPC - Centro de Estudos e Intervenção em Proteção Civil in the scope of the Know Now Know How Network, with the main goal of contributing to the deepening of relations between academia and the professional world, and intends to consolidate a joint reflection on the current major issues in the area of civil protection and disasters:

Being Safety, in its several variables (including civil protection), one of the fundamental tasks of the State, can it do without structuring competences and validating the curricular contents of the training of its agents, without colliding with the scientific autonomy of educational institutions, both public and private?

The 21st century began a period of high expectations regarding scientific progress in various fields of knowledge. But, on the other hand, it arrived accompanied by new threats to the lives of the communities, produced by new risks. What is the role of citizens and the State in safeguarding the constitutional right to the well-being and security of society?

What is the role of educational institutions in the preparation of Disaster Managers? What kind of education and what initiatives can and should be developed to promote the training of adequate civil protection agents? What are the real skills needed to perform the duties of these agents?