General Description:

Within the scope of the KNKH Network, more specifically in the sectorial area of ​​hotel management, this applied project was born to be developed in close collaboration with CEIA_ISEC (Center for Studies and Applied Research at ISEC), within the scope of the Research Line in Hotel Management, that coordinates the project, to survey skills in Hotel Trade and Catering.

This applied project has as its general objective the development of a pilot project to map the skills of hotel workers, and the following specific objectives: the systematization of scientific knowledge about the skills and their respective mapping; conducting a survey on the skills mapping initiatives in Hotels and hotel facilities; the identification of organizational skills in hotels and hotel facilities operating in Portugal; the mapping of individual behavioural, qualifications and management skills of hotel workers; and the survey and mapping of the main competences promoted by the various study cycles in Hotel Management.


The project consists of an applied, exploratory and descriptive research project, using quantitative (online survey via Google forms) and qualitative methods (content analysis of semi-structured interviews with a previously approved script). Prior to the preparation of the questionnaires and the interview guide, an extensive review of the literature served as a basis for selecting the variables of the questionnaire and the themes of the interview guide.

Research Team:

João Serrano (ISEC Lisboa) – Coordination
Luís Moreira (ISEC Lisboa)
Marina Reis (ISEC Lisboa)
Eduardo Cunha Cruz (ISEC Lisboa)
Tânia Carraquico (ISEC Lisboa)

Research Questions:

What are the most critical skills for the Hotel Trade area?
What are the scarcest skills on the market?
What is the weight given to training throughout life?
What is the financial weight given to training throughout life?

Intermediate Report Survey and Mapping Competence for Hospitality and Catering [+]

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