The secret is no longer the soul of business. The Know Now Know How Network allows the sharing of information between all the partners of the Network in order to enhance synergies and the development of common projects. The adhesion…

By adhering to the Network, the companies have the following advantages for the partner entities:

  • Commercial discounts for workers and their families in all courses taught at ISEC Lisboa;
  • Access to exclusive studies and publications developed within the KNKH Network;
  • Possibility of tailor-made training actions, under preferential conditions to be agreed;
  • Access to existing synergies between 150 partners of multiple nature;
  • Development of research projects using specialists and doctorates in the area;
  • Development of initiatives of common interest;
  • Possibility of disclosing job offers / internships;
  • Access to the human resources recruitment database exclusively and pre-validated by the education and training institutions.