This project aims to definine and implement a new transnational (European) professional profile in the hotel maintenance area with the respective level 4 and level 5 courses, supported by the Work Based Learning methodology and its certification and recognition among European countries through a modular approach and the assignment of ECTS and ECVET.

In terms of specific objectives, this project aims to:

  • identify areas of transversal skills to be integrated in qualifications of levels 4 and 5 according to the needs identified with the stakeholders; in Hotel Maintenance;
  • design a transnational curricula in Hotel Maintenance based on the Work Based Learning methodology, organized into learning outcomes, in line with the European Qualifications Framework levels and assumptions, compatible with the ECTS and ECVET system requirements to ensure their quality and adaptability to the various partner countries for the level 4 and level 5;
  • design evaluation frameworks for use in initial training and recognition, validation and certification of skills acquired in non-formal and informal contexts of learning;
  • propose partial certifications for each of the qualifications, consisting of sets of training units related to a particular area of professional intervention;
  • identify good practices regarding the operationalization of the Work Based Learning (school-business, school-community, school-region) methodology, innovative teaching and learning strategies and networking;
  • define and test a methodology for the transnational operationalization of the qualifications as technician and professional technician in hotel maintenance;
  • train pedagogical teams of schools and companies in the methodology of transnational operationalization including: (i) support for collaborative enterprise-school intervention in the training process, and (ii) the use of digital technologies as a support tool for the pedagogical teams (school-teachers, company-tutors) to ensure the integrity of the implementation of the Work Based Learning methodology of learning (Technology Enhanced Learning - TEL), based on a set of training modules in the project's platform. 

The main target group of the project are young people searching for qualifications in an area of strong employability as hotel maintenance is (level 4 and higher education level 5). They need to have at least previous level 2 of EQF qualifications.

The second main target group of the project are teachers, pedagogical professionals or teams, course coordinators and educational institution's staff that work in the design and implementation of new courses and curricula, because the methodology used in the project should be used in other areas of expertise.

The third target group are the national bodies and professional organizations that recognize qualifications profiles and professional certification of the trainning and teaching curricula.

And last, companies and businesses necessary to the development of strong work based learning methodology.

In order to promote the mobility of students and future workers in the hotel maintenance area, this project needs to be carried out transnationally to ensure that que qualifications will be clear, transparent, using descriptors and level descriptors accepted and recognized in the various national systems, allowing comparability. This will only be possible with the involvement of transnational stakeholders.


Escola Técnica Profissional da Moita / ORSIFOR - Centro Formação Profissional da Moita S.A.
Pestana Management


ANQEP-Agência Nacional para a Qualificação e o Ensino Profissional/National Agency for the Qualifications and VET;
CTP-Confederação do Turismo Português/Confederation of the Portuguese Tourism;
AHP-Associação da Hotelaria de Portugal/Association of the Portuguese Hospitality;
ADHP-Associação Directores de Hotel de Portugal/Portuguese Association of Hotel Directors;
APMI-Associação Portuguesa de Manutenção Industrial/Portuguese Association of Industrial Maintenance;
TURISMO DE PORTUGAL/Tourism of Portugal.